We are a flexible employer, we understand nurses and value most highly the specialisation of nurses working within the field of continence.

Our goal is to be the leading Specialist Community Advisory Service for Incontinence in Australia and are seeking local Continence Nurse Specialists and Community Continence Influencers in all States and Regions of Australia who can work with us to achieve a leading service.

Continence Nurse Specialists are employed on a flexible basis to provide an in-home continence assessment using our unique online assessment and reporting platform. All the back office support and reporting is conducted by the Care Staff leaving the Continence Nurse to focus on the clinical objectives.

Send a Confidential Email with CV to the General Manager about joining the team as a Continence Nurse Specialist

  • A 100% clinical role – free yourself from the paperwork
  • Flexibility to control your own availability and calendar
  • Thrive in a specialist environment in your chosen field

Community Continence Influencers are employed to promote and support our service in a territory or region. A successful Community Continence Influencer is likely to have experience in Community Health service provision and an understanding of continence and effect on Community Health Outcomes. As identified in the position title the candidate would be influential and network in this field and be a good communicator and promoter of the benefits of this service. The successful candidate may have Clinical expertise in this area which while beneficial is not essential

Send a Confidential Email with CV to the General Manager about joining the team as a Community Continence Influencer.

  • Rewarding and challenging role
  • A key role for the development of a leading nationwide service
  • An autonomous role with unlimited potential